Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Sammy Sucks, Part 2

The response to yesterday's first part in the series 1001 Reasons Why Sammy Sucks! has been enormous. Not only have we received a startling amount of email and faxes from fans and casual readers, but we've also been contacted by several people with first-hand knowledge of the subject - including some members of his family. They are not surprised to find out that Uncle Sammy sucks, but they find it convenient to have access to a comprehensive list of exactly WHY he sucks. If this keeps up, I can see this feature running regularly for the remainder of SUPERBLOG!!'s existence. OR UNTIL UNCLE GETS HIS SHIT TOGETHER.

Today's reasons:

#5: He is old.
#6: He is contagious.
#7. He is descended from apes.

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