Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1001 Reasons Why Sammy Sucks!

Seeing as how my supposed co-blogger Uncle Sammy seems to have stopped blogging AND he may have infected me with DEATH (or a cold), I hereby inaugurate a new recurring feature called 1001 Reasons Why Sammy Sucks! It will run for the next couple of years.

Today's reasons:

#1: He is fat.
#2: He smokes.
#3: He doesn't believe in global warming.
#4: He doesn't believe in evolution.

Tomorrow (or soon): Even more reasons why Sammy Sux!

Cartoon © Maybe Chris Riddell.


Mookster said...

You should put me on the team. I'm enthusiastic and very god on schreibing in englesh!

(FACT: I would totally destroy SB!!:s reputation, but I would probably blog more often than S[c]ammy)

spidercrazy said...

In absolutely no defense of Sammy, I will now list the number one reason why Koala sucks:
1. He only tells people what's wrong about them.
There are many reasons why Koala is a nice person also. I'll tell them when I hear Koala say something nice, so, probably never.

Koala Mentala said...

Damn straight never.

Uncle Sammy said...

I am Sammy (I am) !!!
Not fat, smokes not or never much at all, there's global warming but everything began in Falun. Eh, what else? God created evolution and I created me and many other people.

Mookster said...

It's that fish again!!!