Monday, August 07, 2006

Photo #100: The Train !!!!!

It's obviously The Train! Loket he was called in Sweden and he's a big fat living legend you know. I found him in Jaemtland, auctioning off old stuff that once belonged to the living. Never bought that potty from him but i bought a kont! A kont made of NÄVER!!!!

Did you know?
Näver is a Swedish traditional craft that involves drying and weaving strips of the soft inner bark from a birch tree. Näver is used to make bags and backpacks.

Did you know?? Did you???

And whatabout The Train? Yes! He was a game show host hosting the super famous game show BINGO-LOTTO!!


Bingo is also the first name of Swedish super famous girlie photographer Bingo Rimér!

Here is Bingo with girlie with big tits!

I've now re-introduced big tits to SUPERBLOG!! and that makes me blogger of the week.

UPDATE!! I almost forgot that LOK is also the name of a Swedish band. Look at ass kicking video with LOK right now or later.

Lok - Lok står när de andra faller.

(Lok - Lok stands when other falls.)


Matthew said...

Finally, some tits!

Sombody I Used to Know said...

we have no idea what you are talking about you crazy bastard. :-)

Afe said...

Strangely, I'm thirsty for milk.