Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bow Down Before the Glory of Sweden or Feel the Wrath of the Cenobites

Greetings, disgusting SUPERBLOG!! readers! How are you on this fine day? Not too well, I hope. Here's the thing: since my co-blogger is a lazy son of a bitch, he asked me to blog about the connection between the Swedish National Day (which is today) and Satan. You see, he's discovered that today's date is the 6th of June, 2006, or 6/6/6. (Yeah, I know - it doesn't make much sense. But still.)

So anyway, to celebrate our proud National Day, I've stayed in and watched Hellbound: Hellraiser II on DVD. But now I'm gonna go out in the sun. To buy beer. And more DVDs. And maybe some dinner, because I hunger!

The movie gets two Michael Keatons, but surely it would have been three if I'd had beer to drink while watching it.


Moocko said...

And today is my middle-namesday - it's Gustav! All Hail the Sun!

Moocko said...
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Moocko said...

All true Menschen should learn these:

Matthew said...

Does Hellraiser 2 have a giant grasshopper in it?

Sombody I Used to Know said...

How are you on this fine day? Not too well, I hope.

you know i love it when you are slightly abusive don't you?

last night i was out to dinner with some friends, and struck up a conversation with this swedish woman sitting at the bar. i told her that i knew some swedish people and they were crazy. she asked where in sweden my friends lived. i don't remember where sammy lives but i said falun cuz i remembered that. she proceeded to laugh histerically for some reason. she later gave me her number and told me i must come to her house and drink liquor made from potatoes with her some time. she then told me her grandfather was a fisherman and he had an earring and he went down with his ship. how strange yes?

hurray swedeland!

Koala Mentala said...

Well, the greeting was specifically aimed at the disgusting portion of our readership.

Several friends laughed when I told them I was moving to Falun. It's that kind of town. But Sammy and I are both originally from the fourth largest urban area in Sweden! Wow!

No grasshopper, sadly.

Matthew said...

Huh, I guess I just dreamed that then....I will tear your soul apart!