Monday, June 19, 2006

I Motivate U

Mr Munkey of Melbourne, Australia, informs us that now you can make your own motivational poster, right here on the Internet!!! It's true! So I did. And here it is. And now you're motivated.

Audience Participation Dept.: Create a poster on which you write SUPERBLOG!! is very good etc etc etc and post it somewhere, or email it or something. The best poster wins a prize!

Fine Print: Employees of SUPERBLOG!!, Inc., are extra eligible to enter and win this contest. In all honesty, I'll most likely keep the prize for myself.


Sombody I Used to Know said...

you know i love audience participation! i'll totally win the prize because i am extremely clever. what's the prize anyway? i hope it's a picture of your butt!

km- last night i sent something to your gmail that you may find interesting :-)

Cindy-Lou said...

That body just looks weird.

Matthew said...

I told everybody about the create your own motivational poster, like, a month ago!

jonzig said...

awwww, snap!

jonzig said...

....but in this case, Koala is making it a fun project!

Boronali said...

motivation is great, but DEmotivation is better !

Specially when it produces great picture like this one !

(nice blog !)

jonzig said...

My Superblog!! propaganda poster.

Sombody I Used to Know said...

jon i doubt your poster is very accurate. awww snap in a Z formation! *snap* *snap* *snap*

i'm still trying to think of something good.

Koala Mentala said...

Goo: I'm sure I'll get around to checking my mail eventually.

Cindy-Lou: Your body looks weird.

Matthew: You're banned.

Boronali: I'm aware of those, but don't you see that if I had mentioned them I would have looked like the plagiarist I am? You're banned too.

Jonzig: You're in the lead!

Sombody I Used to Know said...

i just emailed my submission. i have nowhere to post it. enjoy :-)

i win right? where's my prize??!?