Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm a Game Boy !!!

Today I've been doing feng-shui! Lots of porn left the building and some furniture too. That made me all tired so I sat down for a couple of hours playing Mr. Do !!!!

You are a clown who moves around a maze. You can dig new paths to avoid monsters and collect cherries. Kill monsters with a 'powerball' or drop apples on them. Kill them all or eat all the cherries to go up a level.

So it is. The best games mirrors real life. I often feel like a clown moving around in a maze.

Worth mentioning: dedicated fans might have noticed that we are linking to which is a place for the ranking of Swedish blogs. To be included we promised in some form that some of our content should in a way or two be related to Sweden or something like that. I'll make it appear like that by teaching you some Swedish.

You sir, are an ass hat !
Du herrn är en stjärthatt!

SUPERBLOG!! makes me horny and I have a really big penis.
SUPERBLOGG!! gör mig kåt och jag har en riktigt stor penis.

This apple is red.
Detta äpple är rött.

Will now eat sausages and watch more soccer. Italy vs USA. Forza USA.

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