Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me in 100 Years

I'll be dead! And you'll be dead too! :-)


spidercrazy said...

You don't know for sure. Yes, my body will probably be decayed, but will my mind be downloaded into a giant computer? And, if so, who would press the 'delete' button?

Uncle Sammy said...

Your mind will be LOST! That computer will be decayed in a 1000 years! I will reign supreme as a worm!

Matthew said...

Skynet will become self-aware in August 29, 1997.

Goo said...

You're all wrong. Actually Jesus is going to come again very soon (according to the Jehovah's Witnesses) and make the earth a paradise so that the rightious can dwell (me) and the wicked will be desyroyed to exsist no longer (you all).

Sara said...

Gross. I plan on getting cremated just so the wormies can't feast on my flesh and soul. I'm that kind of bastard.

zenmonki said...

Hmmm... being "desryoyed" sounds much more interesting than Paradise. Tell Jehovah I'll pass this time.

Dying is easy.
Living is hard.

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While the author of this comment recognizes the right of every living creature to decide where and when to end its own life, he fully believes that life should be preserved at all cost and whenever possible.

Disclaimer #2:
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