Monday, June 15, 2009

Let There Be Lankar

Lankar is Swedish for Links. On the Internets.

Today's most important link is unquestioningly Patrick McGoohan Rotating in his Grave when he thinks about the forthcoming Prisoner remake. Sure, could be good. Ian McKellen isn't cat shit. But it's unnecessary, and you know McGoohan wouldn't have liked it. Or maybe he would, admittedly he was an unpredictable kinda guy. Oh, Patrick McGoohan! You died so that the world might live.

YouTube: Budweiser Porn Ad and an accompanying article in TIME, which references a previous ad, Swear Jar. If you haven't seen them before you can see them now, because this is the Internets.

Horror movies in the news! Inside and Final Destination!

Oh noes, I'm afraid those last linx were in terrible taste. Patrick McGoohan would have killed me! Or at least stared angrily at me. I may as well round out this FAILED link post with an article about sexy Nazi bad girls and a picture of a pussy? Wait, those Nazis aren't sexy! I've failed yet again.

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