Friday, June 26, 2009

Jacko Mess

If you are like me, the first thing you thought when you heard that Michael Jackson had died was, "So who owns the rights to the Beatles songs now?" As of yet there appears to be no clear answer. The Cleveland Leader (my go-to newspaper in matters of Jackson) says that:

Michael Jackson arranged to give Paul McCartney the rights to the Beatles back catalog through his will according to reports published earlier this year. The pair who scored hits together in the mid-1980's with Say, Say, Say and The Girl Is Mine had been feuding for years after Jackson won the rights to the Beatles back catalog

On the other hand, that could be bullshit, and:

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Jackson's debt was around $500 million when he died this morning. A large part of this debt was a $200 million loan secured against his biggest asset - a 50% interest in the publishing rights to his own music and 251 compositions by the world's biggest ever pop group, The Beatles.

Some pundits are speculating that this could lead to all Beatles songs - famously withheld from Spotify - being made available for download via The Pirate Bay.


Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

I know Michael was a pedophile and all, but I still can't help but feel sad that he died.

The Wiz is one of my favorite movies, did you know?

Oh, and I hope Paul gets back the rights to his music!

KM said...

I hope Paul doesn't get the rights back to his music because he wrote them 40 fucking years ago and they should be in the public domain by now.

Paul himself holds the rights to songs by Buddy Holly, who has been dead for 50 years! That's even wronger.

In conclusion: Down with Paul! Where's a Chapman when you need one?