Friday, June 05, 2009

Happy Birthday, Justus Jonas!

Justus Jonas was a German Protestant reformer. But he was a totally dishonest charlatan as well because his real name was Jodokus (Jobst) Koch! Just by looking at him you can tell what sort of SWINE he surely was. It amuses be to think that he's looking down at us from Heaven today, a thousand year or so after he died from dyphteria, and seeing how much attention he's getting on the Internets. Could Jonas have predicted the Internets, what with his precognitive powers, and his close relationship with God and all? Modern scientists agree: Yes.

SUPERBLOG!! would like to wish Justus AKA Jodokus AKA The Butcher of Wittenberg a happy, happy birthday. (Also Chuck Klosterman, who, Spidercrazy informs me, looks like a beaver.)

And Happy Deathday, Ronald Reagan! Hope you're drinking tea with Maggie Thatcher in Hell! (Also Dee Dee Ramone. Not drinking tea in Hell, just happy deathday.)

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