Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uncle Sam Took a Hand!

Election Hangover! These so-called links are still funny or interesting but they'll cease to be so very soon.

You're probably wondering: Has President Obama Been Assassinated Yet?

Video: Cindy McCain Claims She’s ‘Just Like Any Other Female Human’. In six months, nobody will remember Cindy McCain. She'll join Tipper Gore and the rest on the failed-First-Lady garbage heap. But she'll still be richer and more powerful than you.

Comics: Steve Brodner's Red, NY and Blue. That Brodner is a caricaturist of immense talent fo shizzle.

More comics: Uncle Sam vs the Mad Poet. Rhyme ruins nation! Above pic taken from this link.

Pat Oliphant cartoon: Ready to rejoin the world? Ha ha!

Wikipedia (not election related): Because of Michael Crichton's death, I found out about the small penis rule (also, I watched Crichton's fun Westworld and its dumb sequel Futureworld. I recommend the first one because it is fun but not the latter, because it is dumb.)

Plus and also, here is a Peter Arno cartoon I like: Old Whittington!

Tomorrow: More asbestos! More asbestos!

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