Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost Cowboy Found

Sadly, it seems that my speculations the other day may have been correct. Frequent SUPERBLOG!! correspondent Moko has intercepted a promotional image for Season Five of ABC's hit show Lost. The image, leaked by disgruntled former employees, shows a mostly-obscured but clearly cowboy-like figure hovering ominously near a bound Benjamin Linus. So, contrary to earlier reports, it now appears that Cowboy Joe's first appearance will be in the fifth season's debut episode (possibly titled "Not Your Average Joe", as per the tag line in the image). We can expect the show to suck until then, and then suddenly improve dramatically as soon as we hear Cowboy Joe's trademark whistling.

The promo image subtly hints at the possibility of forced sodomy. I'm told by sources close to the production that sodomy (forced and otherwise) will indeed be a major theme in the fifth season.

SUPERBLOG!! will follow this story as it develops.


Matthew said...

I have a question:

How much is ABC paying you to hype their sucky show?

mookster said...

I have a better question:

How much do YOU pay Blogger so they won't delete your stupid account?

Matthew said...

I have to answer your question with another question: How can you attach a dollar amount to the joy I bring to billions of red Chinese?

Koala Mentala said...

Ursurprisingly, I have the best question:

Who is gayest of Matthew and Mookster?

Please note that by "gay" I do not mean homosexual.

Please also note that I am almost entirely very sober. almost very