Monday, April 07, 2008

Fun #8: Sexy Bean

And when you've finished jerking off, here are some BONUS LANKAR:

Comics by Ellen Forney: How d'ya sew an amputated finger back on? and How to become a $ucce$$ful call girl! Incredibly useful advice, both.

300, The Cat Version (video)

Kalle Takes Knark: Den magiska amuletten (a Swedish Donald Duck comic)

How to confuse your neighbours (confusing)


Mookster said...

Those Kalle-komix @ the acid poop-site are something of a mixed bag, but "Hjälp! Han våldtar mig symboliskt!" is an instant classic!

goo said...


Koala Mentala said...

Moo: ?-(

Gook: B-|

Goo aka Moo said...

I should change my name to Moo!

Mookster said...

You could become my wife: "MooGoo"!

Koala Mentala said...

Goom: Actually, "Moo" was for Mook and "Gook" for Goo.

Moog: No, you should both become my wives: Koma Lama Rama A-Go.



Mookster said...

I bet I will be the one who gets to cook!

Erika said...

There's no way I'd let a surgeon substitute my big toe for my thumb.

OK, maybe I would, but I'd wear gloves all the time. I swear.