Saturday, April 26, 2008

Still No Joe :-(

Lost has returned - but whither Cowboy Joe? His absence is currently the show's greatest mystery. I know we were all terribly disappointed when the fourth season of Lost started airing in January and Joe was nowhere in sight, despite repeated promises from the producers. And then we hoped that the writer's strike would have given them a chance to get back on track and finally introduce The Man With No Name (i.e. Joe). But no. At this point, I guess it's even possible he's been pushed to season 5, which would suck.

Yeah, everybody likes Benjamin Linus but he's no Joe, is he? Unless he has a dual identity of course. Maybe when Ben popped into his Secret Hieroglyph Closet he activated a time-and-space machine and travelled to the Old West where he became Cowboy Joe? (After all, the first and last names of "Cowbow Joseph" contains exactly the same number of letters - just like "Benny Linus"! Coincidence?) And when Ben returned all smoky and we assumed it was just because he had activated Smokey the Smoke Monster, maybe he was actually covered in cowboy dust? Yeah, it's a theory.

If you had to kill off just one major cast member to make room for Joe, who would it be? You can't pick them all, sorry. Also, what kind of animal should he or she be eaten by? Don't say polar bear!


Moocko said...

I would kill off Hurley, and I'd like to see him meet his destiny at the fangs of a fierce louse! This killing would, of course, require a couple of episodes.

Maybe we could move faster to the greatness of Joe [Jåh] if Aaron just was captured by a lovesick tree monkey.

Bah. What am I talking about? For REAL I would kill off... God, I don't even want to write her name, but the character played by Rebecca Mader. She would be stomped to death by an elephant (I imagine Ben, wearing a Ganesha-t-shirt, commanding the elephant).

spidercrazy said...

I would kill off Jack, and have him replaced (maybe eaten) by Cowboy Joe's dad, Burt Reynolds.

Koala Mentala said...

Burt Reynolds is not an animal, he is a human being.

spidercrazy said...

Well, let's just say I changed the rules.