Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evil Evil EVIL

Evil, evil, evil!

Bonus Lankar:
Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States. Broad yet tame animated Dubya satire. Not very good but the voice is spot-on. You know what was a thousand times better? "That's My Bush!", back in 2001. I'd buy the DVD except I spent all my money on crack.

Who are the Hottest Cartoon Babes according to Maxim? I won't tell you but no. 1 is kind of brilliant. And hot! Oh so hot.

A billion years ago Matt Fraction wrote Everything I needed to Learn About Comics I Learned from Arnold Drake, and even a second part, which contains, among lots of others, one of the panels from classic SUPERBLOG!! entry "Yes! I'm Radioactive!", April, 2005. What are the odds?

SUPERBLOG!!: Not evil since 2004.


Moocko said...

I have written a list for all of you who don't recognize each and every one of the bad guys in the picture:

1. Is that Latino-Hitler, one of Superman's lesser known arch enemies? Or Mandrake's evil twin, perhaps?

2. Poision Ivy! She's just a bitch.

3. Meat-Packer Padre. He's just a lonely guy.

4. Woody Woodphace Killah goes S&M to everyone's surprise!

5. Seriously... Does King Kong have antyhing to do with DC Comics?

6. The Riddler, German Style!

7. Scarecrow. He's also such a sad person.

8. And Clayface, or whatever he is called. Kind of looks like Basket Case's Belial.

9. My personal favourite! Aitor, Prince of the Seven Sweet Seas, HOT DAMN! Seriously, he looks like a certain porn actor.

10. Madame Giant-Eye, or whoever.


1. Lex, how unforgetable he is.

2. Brainiac is like man of the SUPER-BINDI - the three BINDIS TO RULE THEM ALL.

3. And Dr. Mengele on the corner.


1. That big zombie guy cracks me up. Seriously, who is he?

2. Ah, Mutant Mandrake, looking more funny than evil. As always.

3. Buba Ice-glider, the Johnny Rotten of the Northpole.

4. Bug-Eyed Silver Surfer.

5. Bizarro! Looking more alive than ever!

6. And the Jokah, lookin' just plain and wildly unsettling.

7. She's just like meeoow and THEN SOME!

Signing off.

Koala Mentala said...

You got them all!

(Seriously though, I can name them all. I know everything.)

Uncle Sammy said...

Are they characters from comic books?

Matthew said...


Koala Mentala said...

Gorilla Grodd is an APE, you IDIOT!!!!!(!)