Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everything is Coming True

I went away for a week. I should have told you before I left because I know you worry. Sorry about that. Anyway. I had to go to a conference in our proud capital (and just like the uncle, I saw members of our current government). A lot of people were talking and I had to look like I was paying attention. When night fell, I got drunk and hooked up with an attractive girl not much older than me. For me, who specializes in middle-aged women out of necessity and laziness, that's pretty unusual. But it doesn't matter because we all die alone.

Before any of that happened, the Gods contacted me thusly: I had two books and one magazine lying on a table. The books both had bookmarks in them. I was up to page 73 in one of the books and page 173 in the second book. Fearing the worst, I picked up the magazine, and it fell open on page 73. I realized what it meant and vowed to act accordingly.

Then I spent a couple of days out in the country at the home of a faithful reader of this blog who goes by the name of Booger. His real name is Michail Boogakoff. And after that I went to a secret city for a day or two and while there I burned my finger.

But I survived, as I always do.

Here's big-boobed Einstein.


Goo said...

Congratulations on the sex KM. You deserve it.

Middle-aged women need lovin' too.

Koala Mentala said...

Middle-aged women should get it from middle-aged men instead of coming on to young studs like me.

Besides, sex is gay.

Goo said...

Heh... yeah. I'm not jealous just incase you're wondering.