Friday, March 02, 2007

I Mash Your Face & + Happy Rudolph

I have two things to say and then I'll get away and leave you be.

1) I MASH YOUR FACE. This message is aimed at my ko-blogger, Spammy. He was supposed to blog about the so-called Ikano Drama but has he done so no he has not. Therefore he is gay.

2) HAPPY CONGRATULATIONS, ENEMY NO. 1. Rudolph, or as he is called in his native Swedish, Rudolf, is 70 years old today unless I have miscalculated and he is younger. Rudolf/ph may have destroyed my computer for all time (it is making ominous noices as I type) but I congratulate him nonetheless. Here is a blog post from somewhere that explains everything about Rudy.

3) There is no third item.


Infinigeist said...

nice labels, haha!

But seriously, when's Sammy gonna have that done, cuz I got no fish foodz and I may gotta wtf rub a gerbil in the sandpaper van to keep the little fucker bleedable in the water..

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is utter bullshit and your face is probably already mashed bitch! (aimed at whoever the fuck is just about to get mashed on)

Gee, I thought I was having a great day but then I read your blog and it triggered the sudden realisation what an angry and disturbed individual I might be. Thanks Koala!

Uncle Sammy said...

It's too much job to blog about my ikano-drama and I still feel a bit traumatized. PTSD aint no rose garden- I also need to transfer my pictures from my micro-SD and that's a lot of job you know and there are many other reasons why I shouldn't blog but let's go there another day.

Koala Mentala said...

You're welcome, Geist! SUPERBLOG!! exists to fan the flames of hate.

Sammy: PTSD is so a rose garden.