Thursday, March 08, 2007

Go Away Now And Never Come Back

And how best to leave but thru the miracle of a bunch of SUPERBLOG!! semi-approved Internet Web Links to Sites on the 'Net!?

Chicken Image of the Day: This one

William Shatner Mp3 of the Day: The Shat fucking with some guy

Japanese YouTube video of the Day: Vacuum Cleaner Superheroine

Commodore 64 Game of the Day: Commodore 64 game of the day

Comical Booklet of the Day: Adventure Comics #342

Boring Old Link of the Day: 419 Eater - Scambaiting

Koala of the Day: Kokey Koala

Koala of Another Day: Koked Koala (actually the same Koala, only koked)

Done! Eight links should be enough for anyone. Now let's dance!


Goo said...

Go away?? Where am I supposed to go??

jonzig said...

You can save my day anytime!

Koala Mentala said...

Can we? Can we really?

Goo: I don't actually want you to go, I'm just trying to scare you away in order to make you prove your love to me. Or something. I don't know. I love you. Or do I?

Goo said...

I love you too KM. The amount I love you far exceeds the number of screws that came in my IKEA put-it-together-yourself furniture. And that's A LOT of screws!

Scott said...

I much perfer IKEA over Walmart... Walmart is evil. Has Walmart invaded Sweden yet?

Uncle Sammy said...

No. :-(