Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ode to My Puking Back

Raise your hand all who agree that the past week has been the most glorious one in SUPERBLOG!!'s proud history? I meant to blog but I travelled far and wide to spread my message of HOPE AND/OR DESPERATION (nay, I jest!, my travels were for profit rather than anything else, but that profit was a mere pittance of what I and my words are worth) AND THEN I took ill and had to spend my days lying on my back for neither fun NOR profit NOR the spreading of important messages BUT THAT TIME WAS NOT ILL SPENT for I watched some DVDs and read many a book. WHICH MADE ME A BITTER PERSON. Sorry, that should be "better".

Now, as to why my ko-blogger, Sammy Sadness, has blogged EVEN MUCH LESSER THAN I, that is a question for the Gods. Or rather, for Sadness hisownself. SADNESS: WHEREFORE BLOGTH THOU NOT? WHAT IS THINE MAJOR MALFUNCTION?

p.s. Why is the sky blue? Why am I blue?!


Goo said...

Missed you!

Koala Mentala said...

Fear not, sweet maiden. I shall LEAVE this stinking hellhole and return HOME, to my own stinking hellhole, imminently. THEN, there shall be blogging such as the world has ne'er seen.