Sunday, July 02, 2006

Koala's Summer Vacation, Week 1

Left Falun, went to Norrland, celebrated Midsummer and got drunk, attended a wedding the next day, got drunk at the party and made out with someone, accidentally spread popcorn all over the bride's parents' garden at dawn, watched football and climbed a mountain with the bride and groom, went home to Falun, watched football and drank chicken beer, watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and more football, spent my birthday alone, watched 24 episodes of Lost and 1 episode of Deadwood and drank chicken beer, read Goodbye, Chunky Rice and Krazy & Ignatz: 1937-1938, watched V For Vendetta, left Falun and went to Linköping, got drunk with a friend in the country, watched football and Jarheads and I Kina spiser de hunde, got a knife as a present, spent the equivalent of several hundred bucks on a pile of comics and a sweater, belatedly celebrated both my father's and my own birthday, watched football and Howl's Moving Castle and got drunk with a friend in the city. Today: Decided to make a race of beast-men, with intelligence enough to conquer the world.


Sara said...

My boss gave me one week for vacation, and three of the five days were already guaranteed to be off.
Then I got a blister in between my toes. You're vacation is going much better then mine.

Sombody I Used to Know said...

how does popcorn get "accidentally" spread all over the bride's parents' garden at dawn? sounds like drunken mischief to me.

Matthew said...

How pray-tell do you expect to control the beast-men?

Koala Mentala said...

Thank you for your excellent questions!

Sara: One week's vacation is what SLAVES get in Sweden. I'm gonna be off at least four, possibly more (will decide later).

Goo: It was a drunken accident that may or may not have involved a cat.

Matthew: I, uh, don't intend to control them.