Monday, July 31, 2006

Dial K For Kraziness!

Surprise! This isn't one of my crazier blog entries at all, I've just been itching for a way to use that title somewhere. In lieu of tomfoolery, I present you with two fables:

FABLE NUMERO UNO: The Rooster and the Owl
There once was a man called Uncle Sammy. But Sammy wasn't his real name (just like my real name isn't Koala), and he was nobody's uncle (which I am, though). Anyway, he lived in a house in the country. He was a blogger. But! He had a lot of other responsibilites as well: providing for his family, studying, taking care of his garden, watching pirated DVDs, goofing off, etc. To confound matters, he was a lazy son of a witch. So when Summer came, he virtually quit blogging altogether. The horror! But! Then he travelled to the Far North, and promised to resume blogging. But! Then his Internet connection died! And now he's lost on a mountain somewhere. Let's spit on him if he ever gets back! (Yeah, I know he popped up but I'm posting this anyway. And I was right about the mountain!)

Many years ago, there was a woman called Goo. (That wasn't her real name either.) She had a blog which bore the proud name Soulfukt (pronounced "Sole-fucked"). But! One day, a nasty dog barked at her in the street, and Goo had a feminine crisis. Or possibly something else happened - I'm not privy to all the details. Anyway, she immediately deleted her blog and disappeared off the face of the Earth. Maybe she became an astronaut! But! In her absence, I revived the blog, and invited my best friends Matthew and Afe/Agfe to join. And now, three months later, Soulfukt is one of the ten most-read blogs on the Internet!

And the moral of these two fables is, by a happy happenstance, exactly the same as my personal motto:

When it itches, scratch.


Matthew said...

Soulfukt is like the child that left home to fight in The War only to return irrevocably changed. Is this my child? Has it been replaced by this old man with deep creases in his face and hollow eyes?

Sara said...

I'm not an uncle either. I just thought I'd throw that in there, in case there was any confusion.

Scott said...

That was true entertainment, brings back the old wit that superblah was once famous for!

Uncle Sammy said...

I'm an UNCLE too! In real life and outside the SUPERBLOG!! universe.

Also!! I met Loket today!!

spidercrazy said...

Yeah, we already know that. You were dressed up as Lasse Berghagen, but anyone could see it was really Uncle Sammy.

Sombody I Used to Know said...

Kuala I must hand it to you for doing something as mischievous as stealing my URL... you remind me of myself.

zenmonki said...

Boy, did I pick the wrong time to disappear. I missed out on all the pranking fun and nobody gave a shit!

Glad to see all the major fans are still keeping SB!! afloat and that Sweden is still safely in your hands.