Friday, May 12, 2006

My Day In The Sun

Got up, made breakfast, went to town and played squash. I won because friend/co-player fell on stone and hurt back when on mountainbike, thus played squash poorly. Drove home, picked up woman and child, went to mall, got home where I sat in the sun for a while. Played some funky music and when done playing music I watched some simpsons on new cable channel (good channel). Decided whisky was good idea and had some whisky and watched pilot episode Stephen King, Kingdom Hospital. Bad whisky or strange pilot?Huh? Confusing shit. Will watch next episode just in case it is good and not so confusing. Now I'll go and watch some Deadwood, season 2. Not confusing at all. Thank you Goo for inspiring me to write aboot my day in the sun. You're in Chicago where there are local pubs. I would like to have a local pub too but since I live where I live I have to go three miles to a crappy pizzeria where they only have watered beer.

ps. I changed two diapers today aswell because diapers needs to be changed. ds.


Goo said...

back from somosas. here is that broken link all fixed up brand new.

two questions:

#1) don't you have a job to go to on fridays like most other normal people(except me)?

if not, perhaps you should start your own business; open a pub, with real beer. by how dull your town sounds, a proper pub could be quite successful. must i think of everything?

#2) you went to the mall??!!?? omg, you are so weird. just kidding. not really.

Koala Mentala said...

Come on, who works on a Friday?

Sammy doesn't live in a town, he's way out in the country. But there are quite a few pubs in Linköping. (It's worse in Falun.)

Uncle Sammy said...

Yes. Like I've said a thousand times: I live in a house in the country.

Bobby said...

You definitely need a neighborhood bar -- a home base -- a hide out -- a third home . .

Uncle Sammy said...

I have a shed...