Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I've Had It With These Snakes

Speaking of five months ago, I've wanted to blog about this since back when nobody had heard about it and now everybody has heard about it but I'm blogging about it anyway because I'm a rebel and SUPERBLOG!! is never timely. I have a long, looooong list of stuff to blog about and whenever I can't be bothered to think up something new, I grab one item from the list. And I can't tell you how many times I've written up an entire blog entry (sometimes complete with a bunch of links), and then I just don't feel like posting it so I write something else instead and put the ready-made blog entry on the list.

Anyway. Here's what I was gonna post: Is there anyone - anyone - out there who doubts that this will be the greatest cinematic experience in the history of the universe? I mean, come on! SNAKES ON A FUCKING PLANE. That's high concept. But I can tell I'm preaching to the converted. Here are some more Photoshopped posters.

Did you know they're even tailoring it to the demands of the fans? Well, they are.

Oohh, who cares.

IRONY OF IRONIES: I found every word of this blog entry (well, excepting this paragraph) in my to-blog-about list. Get it? I'd rejected it once again and forgotten about it and just now re-found it. How cool is that? Not very. I have to go eat now.


Koala Mentala said...

I apologize for the general suckiness of the above.

Matthew said...

I want these motherfucking posts off this motherfucking blog!