Friday, May 05, 2006

The Changing Post of Rasputin

Hi there,

In the early beginning of SUPERBLOG!! the very annoying rule was that Koal*a had to spell my check but these days are long gone now 'cause now I can spell English like the Bee.
I'll prooove that right away but first a picture!!! A great picture taken by me!!

What's that??? Is it...? It's a bunch of people staying at a luxury hotel in Rio conferencing about how to battle poverty!! I'm for that, especially since I stayed at the same hotel with them sweet sweet people! Confused? Check it out!! See that Japaneesey fellow second from left? He said hello to Gorbathcevski, Mother Theresa and me but I was not with him in the fancy pamphlet.

Enough with Koooks and gooks. Next slide.

Yoowsa!!! It's a toilet! Again. U see,once I was in Brazil to meet with Brazilian folks and when they came here they stayed at the Stockholm Sergel Plaza and when I came by and said hello and stuff I drank stuff and had to visit the bathroom and when in bathroom I always need to thake a photo and some more but anyways there it was.

I have not been very good blog wise but all the blame must be put on my daughter. No, not really. It's me. It's always me.... See, she was somewhat ill and we had to go to hospital for some days and get her well and now she's well but you sir and madam will still be ****. I really regret to say that but we try to be true and Godly here. I'm OK. No, wait! This almost first time me post loads of pictures so me post one more.

****!!! This should be in my photo series but shit gives who a butt....?

Oh my God! It's Baby Sam! My love child! She's blurry, just like her father!

Did I mention that we eat rotten fish in Sweden? No, never did that. We do eat rotten fish in Sweden. Come join us any day. You drink lots of vodka when eating Swedish stinking rotten fish so everything's gonna be alright.

A half-starved population with a ‘what the heck mentality’, decided to go ahead and try storing fish without such trifles as preservation. There must have been an almighty stink when the first barrels of fish were opened half a year later, but despite what anyone sane might nowadays expect, the dish that has an eau-de-toilet pan perfume was adopted and became tradition.

FISH !!!!!

UPDATE!! I made lots of changes to this post because that's what I do. I change things. Every day.

UPDATE 2!! I changed some more....


Afe said...

I like Uncle Sammy.

Uncle Sammy said...

Thanks Afe! This means that 4 or 5 people in the world likes me! I can live with that.

Koala Mentala said...

Overly sensitive as I am I'll take Afe's statement to mean "I don't like Koala Mentala". But I'm okay with that too.

Goo said...
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Goo said...

I like Sammy and Koala equally as much. The amount of like-a-tude is minimal but equal never-the-less. How diplomatic of me, yes?

Actually, I'm caught in a 5th grade mentality. The more I pick on a person means the more I like them. And if I ever kick you in the shin, well then... it's practically love.

katiedid said...

Oh fine. Leave it for me to make the girly commentt where I am compelled to tell Uncle Sammy that his daughter is adorable. For that, I hate you all! Except the baby. I do not hate the baby, as again, she is completely adorable.

Erika said...

Well, rotten fish can't be worse than fish soaked in lye. Can it?