Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Evil has a New Face

Contrary to popular belief, super-bastard Chevy Chase is not dead yet:

Just when the entertainment media was about to prepare one of its bi-annual "Hey, remember Chevy Chase?" reports, Mr. Chase is popping up again, in a sitcom pilot. The show is called Community, and it's about a lawyer [...] who learns that his degree is invalid, and has to return to community college to get the credits he needs. There he meets Chase, another non-traditional student working towards gettin' that paper.

Cornelius Crane "Chevy" Chase is most famous for getting into a fistfight with Bill Murray on the set of Saturday Night Live. Chase said Murray had bad acne scars, and Murray claimed Chase was unable to satisfy his wife in bed. Both were probably valid criticisms. Also: Caddyshack.


Moocko said...

"I'm Chevy Chase. YOU'RE NOT!"

KM said...

In his defence, not many people can say that. (I could if I wanted to.)