Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun #27: Movie Stars

A list of the top 10 greatest film stars of this or any generation!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, governator and beard-mongerer. Seen here with his friend Ronald.

2. Tom Cruise, scientologist. Click on pic to make it move!!!!

3. David Hasselhoff, alcoholic. Seen here with Gary Coleman, who suffers from a congenital kidney disease causing focal segmental glomerulosclerosis.

4. Cameron Diaz, blonde.

5. Mr T, cool. Seen here with his friend JFK and Governor John Connally.

6. Lisa Kudrow, friend. Seen here with her murderer.

And that's ten exactly!


spidercrazy said...

Are you leaving Jeff Bridges out of the list just to mock me?

KM said...

Jeff Bridges (AKA Jeff Goldblum) is surely a huge megastar BUT is he one of the ten hugest megastars in this or any galaxy?

Matthew said...

Tiny Hoff for the win!

KM said...