Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is not Sweden's national anthem but it should be. I mean the whole world's.

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Original lyrics. Machine translated:

Turderland, Turderland, tuning now your people!
Let the blade of the kings!
Turderland, Turderland, open your HULK!
See all snowflakes flake!

Pour all the forests and mountains in a valley
Replace all the fires on cakes!
Force soldiers into the case,
until they get women and children!

Turderland, Turderland, fly now your buoy!
Run like a crane in July!
Turderland, Turderland, embed your bunk!
Sell your eggs to a COOLY!

Stand in the way of speeding up the club!
Bend your Bible to read!
Crucify the fule with dyckert and nail!
Love yourself and your nose!

Turderland, Turderland, carve a tree
endangered species!
Turderland, Turderland, now spread your loins!
Find your OS starts!

Chisel a fin of lost wind!
Stay in the newborn cradle!
Wash a dragon Gåtornas at the gate!
Hoist a hollow flag!

Turderland, Turderland, here is my hand!
Take it, shake it like!
Turderland, Turderland, you are my country!
I am your shining star!


Moocko said...

That is so disturbing.

KM said...

What what WHAT