Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Year of Watching DVDs, Part 35: Probably the Second to Last One

I watched the entire IMDb top 250 list and now I'm watching everything else. All reviews so far.


What I've seen recently, listed in order of descending goodity:

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Very Good
Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982/2007): AKA the "25th Anniversary Edition". Best version yet, I guess.
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989): Greenaway tastiness.

John from Cincinnati (2007) (TV series, 10 episodes): David Milch's post-Deadwood project, similarly cancelled - presumably because it was good. HBO hates Good nowadays. Fine actors, excellent dialogue, interesting storyline.


Good Plus
Gosford Park (2001) (repeat)
Thank You For Smoking (2005)

30 Rock, Season 1 (2006) (TV series, 21 episodes)
Dexter, Season 2 (TV series, 12 episodes)
Hemsöborna (1966) (TV series, 3 episodes): Largely faithful but slightly sanitized adaptation of the classic Strindberg book.
Lonesome Jim (2005)
Lord of Illusions (1995)
Mad Love (1935)

A Scanner Darkly (2006): Definitely the most faithful film adaptation of a Philip K Dick story. (I dissed a bunch of the others in Part 30.) Here's something amazing (in a bad way): The theatrical trailer (included on the DVD) doesn't even mention drugs. Apparently, they tried to sell this movie as something entirely different than what it is.
Vanilla Sky (2001) (repeat): What we learn: Never fuck a girl more than three times in one sitting. Because if you do, you're legally married. See also.


Strong Okay
Corpse Bride (2005): Nice to look at and listen to, but the story is weak.
Road to Perdition (2002): Changing the name of historical person John Looney to "John Rooney" (and Michael O'Sullivan to Michael Sullivan, for that matter) seems typically Hollywood. And the comic it's based has stuff artwork. STIFF I tell you! That darn Piers Rayner. I remember liking him okay when he was on Hellblazer, though.

The Secret Of Nimh (1982) (repeat): The book this is based on was one of my favorites when I was a child (Should I reread it? Or will it only disappoint?) and I also liked the film a lot, even though it excises most of my favorite parts from the novel and adds some magical claptrap. When I was a kid I assumed that Jeremy the Crow wanted to f**k Mrs Brisby and I still think there might be some attraction between them, but their love is of course impossible. MILF alert: Mrs Brisby appears entirely nude in one scene!

Cannibal! The Musical AKA Alferd Packer: The Musical (1996): The Parker/Stone thingie. A bit disappointing, but the snowman number is great:

Dinosaurs, Season 1 (1991) (TV series, 5 episodes) (repeat)

God, I'm getting SO bored with writing these stupid "reviews". I'll be glad when the year is over.

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TammyL said...

I agree that John From Cincinnati, was very good. John would be at the top my list!

Awaits for HBO to come to their senses.. and realize a "GOOD" show they have it!

Stop by Hey! and post your opinion regarding JFC.

Currently ranked at #4 in TV topics, #8 throughout entire site!
Almost five months after cancellation! These number's should tell HBO they have a huge hit on their hands.