Sunday, December 02, 2007

In Sweden, Bamse is the Bear

Let me reiterate: Bamse is THE bear. In Sweden. One might even say TEH bear1. Every Swede must read Communist comic book Bamse as part of growing up. Here is Skalman on drugs. He is a turtle, but I think of him as a person. Unlike Bamse the Socialist Bear, Skalman is an intellectual. He has a food-and-sleep-clock2, which tells him when to eat and sleep and dance and screw. Wouldn't you like a clock like that? Yes you would. What a good clock that would be to have.

1The Swedish bear is not to be confused with the famous Swedish silent tiger.
2The food-and-sleep-clock is not to be confused with a food-and-sleep cock.

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Moocko said...

Haha. Den där kommer jag ihåg från min barndoms dagar. Så annorlunda man ser på den idag, antar jag.