Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Summer, Part 1

Summer 2007 go! I'm gonna blog lots this summer, and each entry will be less interesting than the next, and at the end of summer, we will have ZERO (0) (zero) readers left. I say "we" but of course my co-SUPERBLOG!!ger Sambo has virtually quit blogging at this point so it's mostly just me until I kill Sambo with a spoon and then it's entirely just me.

Anyway, here's what I've done so far:

Day -1: Worked some, left Phalun, went to Lickpig.
Day 0: Stopped working, went to Were-Mountain, ate hot dogs, drank some. (Level of intoxication: 3.4)
Day 1: Midsummer's Eve! Watched the rain, sang badly, felt sorry for myself, drank some. (Level of intoxication: 3.6)
Day 2: Midsummer's Day! Played kubb, got sunburned, had several important discussions (If you were to be abducted by animals and raised as one of them, which type of animal would be the least preferable? etc. Somebody suggested koalas, but I refrained from revealing my secret identity), stepped in a marsh and got wet, drank some. (Level of intoxication: 3.1)
Day 3: Other Day Midsummer. Contemplated starting a cereal review blog, left Were-Mountain, returned to Lickpig.
Day 4 (yesterday): Officially began my vacation. Slept, watched "banned" cartoons with racist stereotypes in them, bought a fuckload of comics, watched a sucky Swedish movie.

Total number of DVDs watched: 1.
Total number of kisses received: 0.
Total number of injuries sustained: 2.

That's not good.


Afe said...

The skeleton just wants to hug the toad, I'm not seeing the problem here.

Koala Mentala said...

There is no problem, only Zuul.

Uncle Sammy said...

I'm in Jaemtland (in a biblio)!

Koala Mentala said...

I'm in Sthlm in an apartmento. Soon time 4 Aaland? p.s. I KILL U.

Uncle Sammy said...

U bought apartmento in Sthlm? Nice dude!! Aaland journey to be booked any day now I think.
ps. People in Jaemtland not very good at protecting their wireless networks... ds.