Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This Just In: SUPERBLOG!! Still Sucks

Creepiness Week Part 5 or 6 or something

Um. I don't really feel like blogging today either. Maybe Sam Spam will pop in later with something of interest (but I wouldn't hold my breath). This could very well be SUPERBLOG!!'s longest period of suckitude since the start. What do you think? (I don't really care, this was a pathetic attempt at involving the audience.)

Oh, and as expected, I won the drawring contest.


Sara said...

Let's play "not my fault"! I'll start. It's not your fault that SB!! is going downhill. It's because of the season changing. Fall sucks ass. Everything is dying and it's raining all the time and it's cold enough to snow but won't snow and everyone drags pine needles into the house because they can't be bothered to wipe their damn feet.

Your turn!

Moocko said...

Fall rules cock.

Sombody I Used to Know said...

Congratulations Koala. Your family must be very proud of you.