Wednesday, November 22, 2006

But A Monkey Supplied The Glue

Me = genius. And English isn't even my first language! That makes me a SUPER genius. Are you a genius? No, probably not.

Dog eat dog!

A brilliant ad that will make you vote GOP.

I stole the above pic from from scans_daily. It was preceded by these three pages: "Cut Your Dick Off." "All I Got To Do Is Lop Off My Knob?" and "You'll Lose Too Much Blood!"

(And yes, I'm well aware how incredibly annoying the William Shatner song is. I wish there was something I could to, but if I turn it off THE TERRORISTS WIN! You don't want that, do you? Of course not.)


Moocko said...

Ever since you posted that Shatner song it has seemed as if the blog's been smiling at me.

Anonymous said...

The correct lyric is:

"But the monkeys applied the glue"

It's wrong on every lyrics website I could find except where they have scans of the sheet music.

Now back to something less important. :)