Monday, November 27, 2006

Photo #118: Symbolic Extravaganza

This could mean something. I think everything is about the cow. It always is. In psychology text books the above is called bizarre grouping so now you know more than you did 4 seconds ago. First one to interpret correctly will get black baby and crocodile head sent with FedEx.


Sombody I Used to Know said...

Your symbolism looks controversial to me. I wouldn't touch an interpretation of that with a ten foot pole!

I'm just glad this post knocked that God damned noisy Shatner post into the archives.

God damned noisy Shatner Post!

Afe said...

The baby on the right represents Steve Irwin. The baby on the left represents Kofi Annan. The two are engaged in a heated debate regarding the war in Iraq.

Kofi wants to nuke Iraq and turn it on it's head, while Steve wants everybody to get down and party with crocodile hats on.

Matthew said...

We are born to kill each other through war. Yin and Yang are merely opposite sides of the spectrum of death. Kill 'em with kindness or kill them with F-15's you are still going to kill them.

Uncle Sammy said...

Afe gets Kofi and the hat. Unfortunately the stuff doesn't belong to me so I must steal it but nobody or just a few will get hurt.