Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Must Be A Bat

You know what? I figured out why SUPERBLOG!! started sucking. See, this blog was much better when we were OUTRAGED at the injustices of the world! Remember when we were rallying against things like fascism and space elitism? Or overly reacting against defective blogging services and football* results?

But Sam mellowed when he became a daddy and I barely interact with the world anymore. That must change. We need to get out there and start CARING about stuff. That way, SUPERBLOG!! will once again be worthy of its name.

Oh, and more tits probably won't hurt:

*If you say "soccer" I'll kill you.


Moocko said...

Now you're on your way to global fame and importance!

Goo said...

can i borrow part of this blog post to use in a toast i'm writing for my best friend's wedding?

so heartwarming this was ♥

Koala Mentala said...

Yes, but only if the phrase "space elitism" remains intact. And you have to invite me to the wedding and seat me next to the bride and help me destroy the marriage. You must also pay for airline tickets and possibly bail.