Sunday, June 29, 2008

Laugh or Cry or Try New Things

Good day Sir or Madam or somewhere in between. Here is some more stuff I once meant to blog about but never will. Not even if I live to be a THOUSAND! (By the way: Remember when I almost blogged a thousand times in one day? I didn't either! Those were the days.)

Comics: Worse than Hitler!

The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn (Megaupdate: Journalista links to a YouTube video based on the panel.)

Comics: Al Columbia's Pim and Francie

Science: Researchers reveal how the brain handles sarcasm

History of Sweden: Murders galore

Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive

Useful: How to suck your own dick

Useful: What's the font?

Wikipedia: Friday night death slot


Image taken from.


spidercrazy said...

Nancy is almost one of the greatest comics ever made. It would definitely have been the greatest, if we had seen Sluggo sucking his own dick.

Goo said...

hello dear furry one. muchas gracias for the excellent linkage! let it be known that i didn't have internet for many days because i moved to a new apartment and the first place i went once back online was SUPERBLOG!! i hope that strokes your ego some.
have a good one :-)


Koala Mentala said...

Thanks Goo, that makes everything much better. By "the first place", I assume you meant "the only place", right?

Spider: I assume you meant "suckling his own duck".

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