Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Praise the Uncle

Fine. By order of "Goo", I am here to praise my co-blogger appropriately. For uncharacteristic valor in blogging during my extended absence, the Internet personality known as "Uncle Sammy" (real name: Samuel Clemens) is hereby awarded the SUPERBLOG!! Freedom of Information Medal for Bloggy Stuff. Congratulations, Clem!

"Sammy" was born in a small town in Sweden in the last century, and has been providing SUPERBLOG!! with insightful posts full of grammatical errors since late 2004. He recently extended his contract until 2009. He is currently away on business in the tiny kingdom of Riga, and could not be reached by SUPERBLOG!! for comment.

The illustration above was created by Mr Dave Johnson for a series of comical booklets published by DC Comics. It is unaffiliated with SUPERBLOG!!, Inc.


Uncle Sammy said...

yes. thank you sai.

Goo said...

Secretly, I thought that praising him would somehow involve some sexy sexy talk and perhaps a poem written to Sammy using the letters of his name. But once again, I am wrong.