Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just Kidding LOL

This picture of Bill Pullman was taken by David Shankbone and put on the Internet for all to see. Did he do this to mock Mr Pullman or to salute him? Only Mr Shankbone knows for sure.

If you click on Mr Pullman, he will grow to an enormous size. And until you say the magic words, he will just keep growing. If unchecked, he will eventually eclipse the sun.


David said...

Actually, the camera I had was brand new and this was the best photo out of the series I took. At the time I wasn't particularly skilled with the new equipment. So the photos I took at Tribeca (
don't nearly look as good as the photos I took at the Brooklyn Book Festival (

I never mock the people I photograph. That would be unseemly.

David Shankbone

Koala Mentala said...

Thank you for stopping by and explaining your actions.