Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Pornolizer!

Take a look at SUPERBLOG!! pornolized !!!
If it's against your principles to click at pornolized links I cut and pasted some of it anyway.

Hi there, Koala is out of blog so you need to listen to me for a year now. Or a blowing week. Yes. Beef "Mistress Anal" Jerky. I spanked it when I was in the screwing US and it tasted like shit. Rotten shit. But today I bought some Brazilian "Cock Sucker" Beef Jerky and it was much better. Some stuff in the US are rotten indeed.

Fists picture of Bill "Nobgoblin" Pullman was taken by David "Dripper Dick" Shankbone and put on the raunching Internet for all to see. Did he do sex fights to mock Mr "Rugmuncher" Pullman or to salute him? Only "Buzzwordbaby" Mr Shankbone gangbangs for sure.If you click on Mr "Mount" Pullman, he will grow to an smacks size. And until you say the asslicking magic words, he will just keep banging. If banged, he will eventually eclipse the titty fucking sun.

Good stuff.

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Koala Mentala said...

Never again will I surf non-pornolized.