Saturday, September 15, 2007

Save our Cartoonist !!

That's Lars Vilks. He made a Muhammed picture picturing Muhammed as a roundabout dog!
Well, seing that great arab guy/prophet/dude as a dog angered quite a few of them muslim boys so they now want his head on a plate with side orders and everything. They also threat VOLVO and IKEA since that are companies started in Sweden (now owned by GM and Swiss foundations).

Al-Baghdadi added in his message that if the "crusader state of Sweden" didn't
apologize, his organization would also attack major companies.

Yeah, well, lots of crazy muslims hates Sweden because of Lars Vilks. Stupid muslims. Lars Vilks drew Muhammed as a roundabout dog [round-uh-bout dawg] and that thing with roundabout dogs started in Linköping and that's the place where I live so now I'm finally in the center of muslim attention.


Al Qaida: USD 150.000, if Lars Vilks is slaughtered like a lamb.
Lars Vilks: It's good to know what you are worth.


Goo said...

Thank god for this new post Sammy... I was getting sick of all the Bob Hope posts. No offense. Actually, I change my mind: TAKE OFFENSE. Take a lot of offense.

You should make more posts about IKEA. Now there's a subject I can never get sick of!

spidercrazy said...

Isn't that an IKEA bookshelf in the background of the picture?

Uncle Sammy said...


Next year: New Bob Hope Day!