Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuff and Stuff and Stuff

I stole the above image from Bob Christenson, who's a dear friend of mine complete stranger to me. But maybe he'll check his referrals, or google his name, and find out about this theft, and contact me, and we'll find we have a lot in common and become FRIENDS FOR LIFE. You never know! Like the t-shirts say: TEH INTERNET WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAZE.

Anyway, I googled up the pic because I needed something to illustrate this, our 962nd SUPERBLOG!! entry, which is composed of links to... STUFF:

SUPERBLOG!! Game to Play at Work of the Day: Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

SUPERBLOG!! Boring YouTube Video of the Day: Pantsu

SUPERBLOG!! Wikipedia Entry of the Day: List of films that most frequently use the word "fuck"

SUPERBLOG!! Comical Booklet Scan of the Day:
The Justice Society of America vs an Informatio-Scope!

That's FOUR, count 'em, FOUR stupid links in ONE neat SUPERBLOG!! package. Surely at least ONE of them is BOUND to amuse and entertain and educate you?!

I give this SUPERBLOG!! post a rating of two Michael Keatons and one piece of Irish soda bread:


Infinigeist said...

so, to conlude...


And Ichigos panties are not like those worn by little kids
(tiny panties are the way of love)

I've seen 2 of the top ten movies that employ the word 'fuck'

laptop computers display bombs when errors occur

Koala Mentala said...

I've seen 4 of them so I'm twice the man you are! (Assuming it's manly to see movies with the word fuck.)