Wednesday, November 25, 2009

?Why SUPERBLOG!! No Update So Good? (Also: How Not 2 Find SUPERBLOG!! on Twitter)

I remember when* this was the best blog in the entire universe or at least in the top three** but that seems a lifetime ago*** and now everything has turned to shit. Shit! Everybody's tweeeeeting nowadays and have forgotten the joy that only blogging can give! Not any stupid kind of blogging of course but, specifically, SUPERBLOG!!ing. Here is how sad tweeters are and yes I am of course one of them but not under the nom the crime Kay McEntala or whatever it is I'm using on this here blog right here now but my actual, proper name. Thus and therefore I have to be VERY CAREFUL so that nobody can figure out that my real name is Bill. Bill Hurt. Call me billy. On Tweeter I am @billhurtz (just kidding, that was a totally random link that turned out to actually exist. I am not now, nor have I ever been, affiliated with the billhurtz twit flow. Aside from being a massive fan, of course. MASSIVE FAN.) If you see me on the streets you will recognize me by my stained t-shirt emblazoned with MACROSCOPIC BLOGGING FTW. Either that. Or not.

So, to sum up:

  • Twitter: Complete suck.
  • SUPERBLOG!!: Always sucked.

*Never true
***It was for some but not for you and me


Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

Yeah, I don't need Twitter updates to remind me that this blog is mediocre.

Happy post-Thanksgiving pre-my-birthday Holiday time!! Oops... sometimes I forget you are Swedes. Swedes have nothing to be Thankful for. Or do they?


KM said...

I guess we're thankful that we've managed to go 1200 years or so without a single genocide! How many years did your precious pilgrims manage?

Somebodyiusedtoknow said...

hee hee touché!

KM said...

Sweden scores! Kinda.