Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hum Dinger: Who He is and How He Came to Be

If, like most people who read the SUPERBLOG!! post Get Rich by Humming! on or after February 09, you've been wondering who Hum Dinger was and how he came to be, I suggest you read the following two pages from a comic book I like to call Spidey Super-Stories #24 since they will reveal everything.

In these pages, you will find out that David Dinger was once a rock singer with a terrible memory who hummed a song instead of singing the lyrics. This curious approach made him an instant success and he changed his first name to "Hum" and the bitches flocked to his shows... until one day when the crowd inexplicably started throwing tomatoes and lemons and salad at him instead. Mr Dinger, realizing his career was probably over, decided to turn to a life of Evil. He started walking the streets with only his trusty guitar and his trusty TV repair kit for company, one of which he later used in his criminal endeavors. But which one?! (SPOILER: He threw away the guitar between panels and he used his TV repair kit to impersonate a TV repairman. As you will maybe see in a later post, maybe.) Anyway, the following two pages will show (SPOILER!) exactly what I have just described:

Humming for evil: sometimes it's the only option left.


Moocko said...

That girl got it right. He IS something else.

KM said...

That's a boy, not a girl. (Being a nice guy, I will refrain from mocking you for your poor gender identification skillz, and the embarrassing sexual situations you must have been in as a result.)

Moocko said...

In reality I just remembered the line and didn't bother to look up who said it. :-)

KM said...

You're something else.