Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Danny Trejo to Visit (and Possibly Destroy) Sweden!

I hate actors and movies generally and science fiction especially and games suck too but when I hear that super-actor Danny Trejo will be at a science fiction convention in Stockholm on November 1-2 it almost makes me want to pay the price of admission as well as the additional toll it would undoubtedly take on my eternal soul to participate in such a nerdfest. Just so I can challenge Mr Machete and see if he's tougher than me IRL. He's an old man so he probably isn't.

Plus, for ONLY 150 SEK (circa 16 Euros) you can have your photo taken with the lovely Trejo. Just like some people previously have with Jaws and Robert Englund and a hobbit and some guy I don't recognize. Wouldn't that be something? A photo with Danny Trejo and me, I? That would be something.

Other guests include Lance Henriksen and Apollo Creed and a couple of complete unknowns. Miss it at your own peril.


Uncle Sammy said...

So, how come this happens when I'm in London? How? How will I be able to meet and have good time with Danny?

spidercrazy said...

Skip London. Simple as that. London will still be there after Danny has left (if he doesn't travel to London afterwards and destroys the town).