Friday, August 29, 2008

Come See Them All Team Up to Fight Crime!

Yes! Here they are, all your favorite heroes! As requested by SUPERBLOG!! readers from all corners of the world, here's the first group shot of the new and classic super-team, The Fearsome Foursome!

Profiles of the team members:

The Kangarooster
Real name: Dr Theodore "Theo" Kangarooster.
Team leader. Nuclear physicist in his civilian life. Superpower: Telekinesis. Also has a slit in his belly in which he can store stuff, such as his massive, kangaroo-shaped penis.

The Helmeteer
Real name: Bertram Congoloid.
Wears a mysterious helmet, stolen from the gods, that enables him to fly sometimes. If he buys a ticket.

Sex Dog
Real name: Six Died.
Its ample breasts provide nourishment (milk and cheese) for the rest of the team.

Tiger Woods Tiger
Real name: Tiger Tiger Woods.
Has the body of a tiger but the brain of golfer Tiger Woods. As the token black guy, Tiger's main function is to give the team street cred.

Evil Ernie
Real name: Ernest Borg-9.
Claims to have super-strength but refuses to demonstrate his powers. Has smelly purple skin.

Come to think of it, the Fearsome Foursome is a kind of stupid name for the team, considering there are five of them. Do you have any better suggestions, children? If not, shut up.


Moocko said...

Can't help but wondering what Dawson B. Bill Frankerson would think of this fearsome foursome. Maybe he'd like to join them, or at least steal their wives?

Afe said...

I shall hire the Fearsome Foreskin to do odd jobs around my house.

Koala Mentala said...

Yeah, like you can afford them, Australia boy!!(or wherever it is you're from!)!

Wait, there's something I probably should have made a bit clearer: These heroes don't really exist. I made them up. So they can't ACTUALLY work for you or anyone. SORRY FORESKIN FANS.

Dawson does not exist either. SORRY DBBF FANS.

mookster said...

But! If The Fearsome Foursome doesn't exist! And Dawson B. Bill Frankerson doesn't exist! That must mean that they belong in the same dimension, namely DIMENSION I (I 4 IMAGINATION). Therefore, my thoughts and questions about Dawson and the Fearsome Foursome aren't that strange, and COULD be explained logically in the sense of imagination. What do you guys think?

Koala Mentala said...

Here's another mind-twister for you: What if Robinson Crusoe was actually ALONE on the island all the time?! And what if he wasn't REALLY on an island AT ALL?!?!