Thursday, November 29, 2007

1 Beer So Far

Ha and double ha! Just be thankful the rule doesn't work retroactively or you'd owe me your life, Little White Walking Sam! Ha, I say, and ha again!


moocko said...

You're being too rude! How's he gonna afford that? Hear this: you buy him a beer, you two talk things over and then you're best friends again!

Moocko said...

>The latter will soon be useless anyway, when HD becomes standard.<

Useless? That's just crazy-talk (and it's just a too extreme term to describe this thing). I don't consider my VHS-collection useless. It's full of memories, and if I had a VHS-player connected to my TV I would most certainly watch my old tapes from time 2 time. And I bet DVD will seem just fine, even when HD is standard. Ever more fine than VHS is today, yao.