Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Year of Watching DVDs, Part 32: It Begins on the Streets!

Yeah, it's late afternoon and I'm just sitting in my office, staring at the screen and trying to get some work done because there's some stuff I should have gotten finished by tomorrow but it's just not happening so I guess I should knock off early and get home and watch some DVDs or something.

But then I would feel bad so instead let's take a few minutes to post something INTERESTING on SUPERBLOG!!, and when I'm done maybe I'll be full of creativity and be able to finish my paper or whatever it is I'm working on. (But really, I know what will happen is that enough time will have passed that I'll feel better about going home.) Okay, so here's something interesting which you don't see very often on SUPERBLOG!!: A DVD review!

The DVD I watched is called Coach Carter (2005) and it stars Samuel L Jackson as real-life coach Ken Carter who taught some ghetto kids to play basketball and get better scores on tests so they could go to college. The movie is about his work as a coach. He also owned a store (or even a small chain of stores, maybe? I can't remember) called "Carter's", at least according to the movie (I don't know how factual it is?). But the store isn't very important in the movie. Anyway, I didn't like the movie very much because it wasn't very good.

Also, it was a pirated copy and at times it was heavily pixelated and at a pivotal moment my DVD player even skipped a few minutes ahead so I had to rewind but at that time it was too late because I had already seen that Coach Carter's team didn't win the State Championship and the movie was all ruined for me, but the team members grew as people so it wasn't entirely wasted. Plus, they won a lot of games before that, which was good. Okay, I'll go home now.


Mookster said...

The cover combined with the movie title is almost a little "lol:ish".

Goo said...

I hate movies like this. Blah.

Good movies I've seen lately:

Lord of War
Gunner Palace (documentary)
Mr. Brooks
The Goo Sex Tape: Goo Bangs Berlin
TV: Survivor- China


moocko said...

>The Goo Sex Tape: Goo Bangs Berlin<

Got a spare copy of that for me?:-)

Afe said...

I liked Samuel L. Jackson better when he played Willis on Diff'rent Strokes.