Sunday, June 27, 2010

Harry Gaylord and the Goblet of Cum

The reason you haven't heard from SUPERBLOG!! in the last ten days or so is that we have been writing a series of young-adult fantasy novels, the first one of which is to be published later this Summer. There will probably be a total of six or seven books. These will chronicle the adventures of the adolescent wizard Harry Gaylord, a student at Suxdix School of Murder & Misogyny, in particular his struggles against the evil wizard Lord Jew. These books are literally writing themselves and we are already hard at work on the fifth one, Harry Gaylord and the Order of the Führer.

No no no no no. As usual, it is all a bunch of stupid bullshit.


Anonymous said...

No it was great!

Snake-Dad said...

This blog iss an embarrasssment